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April 2000

Sex is good for your longevity

How many times have you heard someone say that he or she is too old for sex? How many bitter men and women do you see whose hormone levels have slid to the point they are no longer male or female? They have no joy because the sex drive has died. At one time, this was the human condition. Your interest turned to food – and overweight – and your grandchildren. Well, the human condition has improved.

Losing sexuality is not inevitable and should not be viewed as somehow or other "O.K." From Nature’s point of view, your existence value is reproduction. Lose that and you have lost your reason to exist and degeneration sets in. Sexuality is not a "sideline" to life; it is a way to keep the joy of youth. If you are still able to engage in sex as you age, you may need "boosters" to keep you there; if your motor has stopped running, there are things to get it started again. A caveat ; it takes two to tango. Both partners must agree to attempt this. One of the worst "side effects" of Viagra was the divorce rate – women no longer wished to be touched.

Sexual longevity doesn’t just happen; it is won by overcoming some age-related problems. In Chinese Medicine, the kidney meridian is considered to be the most important for sex and longevity. It is affected by herbs, diet, and exercise. Recent research has shown that those who had one or two sexual encounters a week had a 30% rise in IgA, antigens that protect us from colds, viruses, and infections. Premature loss of sexual function can contribute to emotional and physical deterioration. Sexual excitement is produced by desire and passion which depend on testosterone. The central-nervous system’s sex center for both men and women depends on this hormone. This, by the way, can be obliterated by the overuse of alcohol

Obviously, the first thing you want to do is to supplement with androstenedione/androstenediol (testosterone precursors). These deliver a highly-predictable burst of the hormone. These are naturally occuring in the body, although they decline with age, and are safe (JAMA). There are many sources of testosterone in Chinese medicine and in modern creams.

The clinic carries:
Biosis cream: contains saw palmetto extract, androstenedione, and DHEA $30
  For 2 ounce jar.

Cenogenesis: high-power Human Growth Hormone, sublingual spray $105.00  Per ounce.

DHEA: dehydroepiandrosterone, major hormone which helps produce others, Including testosterone 25 mg, 60 caps $10.00.

Golden Gun capsules: Chinese herbal, $15.00 for 10 capsules.

Pregnenolone: DHEA precursor, $8.00 60 caps.

Saw Palmetto Plus: prostate protective

Various other Chinese combinations of herbs for specific problems.



It is not uncommon for the change of seasons and the approach of holidays to trigger depression. The victim rarely knows what the cause is but can readily identify the symptoms – nothing is right in the world and nothing that is happening to him will turn out right. The unfortunate result is either that those around the victim do not realize that he has a case of depression or "negativity" or he is hustled off to the psychiatrists who pump him full of anti-depressants – Prozac, Xanax, Zoloft, Paxil, etc. These "level him off", so that he lives an unnatural life with no peaks and no valleys. He also probably lives a life without any sex drive.

Depression can be lifted by acupuncture and supplementation, for a significant majority of those who are depressed are deficient in magnesium and the amino acid taurine. Depressives also tend to be deficient in DHEA, one of the body’s master hormones. It is also important to prevent depression victims from trying to sit in the dark; depression needs light.

Taurine: 100 caps, 500 mg, $10.00

Magnesium Aspartate: 90 caps, 600 mg., $14.00

Magnesium in common foods:
1212 mg. Pumpkin seeds, 1 cup
419 mg. Almonds, dry roast, 1 cup
356 mg. Cashews, 1 cup
267 mg. Bran Buds Cereal, 1 cup
266 mg. Peanuts, 1 cup
239 mg. Wheat Germ, 1 cup
230 mg. Bulgur wheat, 1 cup
230 mg. Chocolate, 1cup
203 mg. Walnuts, 1 cup
202 mg. Soy flour, 1 cup.
166 mg. Pistachios, 1 cup
157 mg. Spinach, 1 cup
157 mg. Macadamia nuts, 1 cup
155 mg. Cornmeal, ¼ cup
150 mg. Garbanzo beans, 1 cup
148 mg. Soy beans, 1 cup
147 mg. Icemilk, 1 cup
135 mg. Oysters, raw, 1 cup

Recipe:                            Tabbouleh

Soak a cup of bulgur wheat for an hour or so, until it absorbs water to double in bulk. Drain, put in a bowl and fluff with a fork.

Add chopped tomatoes that have been seeded, thinly sliced green onions, to taste, minced raw garlic to taste, chopped parsley, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. Serve on romaine lettuce leaves.

Feel free to experiment with different vegetables in this salad as long as they are not "wet". Avocado probably doesn’t make it.

Tabbouleh will not last over a day or so and will become "soapy" tasting.


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